“Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act”

“ Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act” is a fancy way of saying that if you’re interested or attempting to become a healthier version of yourself, that it won’t be easy.

My inclination is to quit, when I think…whatever…is too much. My inclination is to respond to situations pretty much the same way every time. My inclination is to make excuses.

But when it comes to revolution, truth needs to be spoken (out loud) and changes have to be made. Sometimes you have to say “ I was wrong.” Sometimes you have to leave negative people or situations behind. Sometimes you have to admit you are the negative person that created the ‘situation’. Sometimes you have to start giving more than you take. Sometimes you have to say ‘no’. Sometimes you have to grow a thicker skin.

Say, ” I spend too much time in my feelings,” and then get out of them, even when you have literally become a part of your bed and/or couch. When Netflix asks you , ” Are you still there?”, turn it off.

Say, ” My health is out of control,” and then go for a short walk, take a few steps into the direction of a healthier life .

Say, ” I keep putting (fill in the blank) off, because I’m afraid (fill in the blank)”, then stop putting what you want to get done or need to get done off.

I figure I have one life to live and I can’t waste that time under the covers; just stuck. So I’m taking responsibility for my mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Whatever that looks like for you, I encourage you to the same.

It will be difficult, it will hurt, it will be uncomfortable, it will take more time than what you prefer. It will be challenging, you will want to quit but it will be worth it. Keep going.Graff-Netflix-crop


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