…at work

What you do for money can have a great impact on your health. Whether you’re on your feet majority of the time , constantly in motion or stationary, mostly sitting below are some tips to help you boost your overall well being while on the clock.

WALK UP– Walk up the stairs ( if you have any at your job) at the beginning of your work day/shift. I’m going to ask you to trust me on this one. It will make sense when you get to your floor. You can thank me later.

GET UP– If your job is primarily done from a chair get up. Get up whenever you can. Use a timer to remind you to stand or take a break. Stretch, yawn, walk away from your workspace for for some juicy gossip. Ask your manager for standing desk or rig up your own version of one with a anti-fatigue mat ( or kitchen mat).

STOCK UP– Don’t live out of the vending machine. At the very least, stock up on some healthy, non-perishable snack and meal items and stock them in your drawer. I keep things like granola bars, low sodium tuna, soup, LOTS of tea, honey, bottled water, etc to keep me going and less likely to make a bad decision. Do I still go to the vending machine sometimes ? Of course ! Some days I just feel like an Little Debbie cake.

SHUT UP– Shut up talking about work . Start talking about your life. Start focusing on what you love and who you love, as you exit your place of work. I’m am guilty of reliving my work day through conversation, and will admit that it only makes me feel better about 50% of the time. Plan what you’re going to DO immediately after work. Don’t take your stress home with you.



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