Move, then…

There are lots of things that you could and should be doing between your workouts to improve your overall wellbeing . A LOT of things, but we’ll just review a few.

…EAT some quality protein. Do some research on how much protein you need based off of your current weight and activity level. If you’re anything like me working out hard makes you ravenous , so be sure to have a plan for a healthy, balanced meal with protein to eat afterwards.

…SLEEP. Make sure you get as much rest as you can when you can. Sleep sort of ‘seals the deal’ on things , including your metabolism .

…REFLECT and begin to plan for progression. Set a fitness goal for yourself . An example that’s worked for me in the past is signing up for a race and having my goal be that I’d finish it without stopping or walking or under a certain time.

…REWARD yourself. But not with FOOD 😄. Reward yourself something like new workout clothes, workout gear , or gadgets .

I’m quick to spend a good $100 on eating out and alcohol within a pay period and not think much of it until the money is gone, but when it comes to other things like workout gear or a boutique fitness class, I’m like, ” That’s not in my budget”. Therefore my belly rolls when I sit down like in this picture and I only have a few quality active wear pieces in my closet.



1 thought on “Move, then…”

  1. Hi my name is Ruth and I too spend money on food and then wonder where it went lol When a cute shirt or a new CD would last waaaaaaaay longer than my digestive track *shrug*

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