Set Your Standard

Thanks to a dietitian colleague of mine, I have slipped, tripped and fallen into the Healthy At Every Size wave and I’m not coming back. Truly, I’ve been leaning towards and been knowledgeable about body diversity for a while on a personal level, but just now spreading the idea to my personal nursing philosophy.

Articles and podcasts have been my recent sources of topics stemming from HAES, and have stimulated my thinking in what does ‘healthy’ look like at my current size. So far this is what I have ( …remember, this is what I’ve set for me):

  • Getting 7 or more hours of sleep most nights
  • Eating healthy meals with adequate protein portions; most of my plates look like a Diabetic Plate. I’ve tried the diabetic plate (not actually being a diabetic) and it has helped shed a few pounds in the paste and currently maintain my weight.
  • Being consistently active. Meaning I’m exercising every week. No off weeks. This is a challenge. I track myself using my MapMyFitness app and set weekly activity goals based off of what my doctor recommends which is basically what the AHA recommends for adults.
  • Occasionally challenge myself physically. Whether it’s a race or new workout, I want to challenge my body and my heart with rigorous physical activity. This will include indoor and outdoor activities.
  • LOTS OF WATER. I keep a 64ounce bottle at work and shoot to drink the whole thing or more during the 8 hours I am obligated to be there. Hydration is key, and none of us are probably getting enough.
  • More Veggies. More Veggies. More Veggies.
  • Allowing myself cheat meals . Not “cheat meals “, “cheat weekends”, “cheat weeks”, etc. That’s too much to come back from.
  • Allowing myself dessert, because cake is bae and (for me) that is never going to change. However asking myself , “Is this worth it? Or do I want to eat something better at a later time as a dessert?” Because truly, the double chocolate cookies in the vending machine at work can’t hold candle to Duck Donuts.
  • Let the holidays be the holidays.

So I’m going to encourage myself and my patients to be very personal and intentional about their standards . It’s not about what anyone else likes and it’s not about what you use to look like ( I struggle with this). It’s about loving yourself. Loving yourself for who you are today.


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