January:What’s Going Well…

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks

At present, I’m on a constant mission to avoid becoming ravishingly hungry. This is the type of hunger that precedes the ‘hangry’ state, and coincides with my worst food decisions (aside from the ones made while emotional).

My favorite snacks include Kind Bars. They have just enough of the right stuff in them to keep hunger at bay. I also enjoy fig bars, whole almonds, fruit cups , small to medium sized pieces of fruit, and organic (soy) protein shakes.

Stocking my pantry, purse, and office desk drawer with these easy to pack snacks are keeping me from being cranky, saving me money, and I believe saving me some grief when I step on the scale.

Eating the Same Things

I’ve gone a week without exercise, but haven’t gained weight. Per my physicians instructions, I am to try to ‘eat the same things’ and ‘get enough protein’ , and I must say he is right. I believe these instructions are helping me maintain my weight, if not slowly lose more.  Using a free food tracker also helps me hold myself accountable for any marked variations I may make. In those moments I try to enter a note in the app for that day of what was going on, or what I was thinking about at the time.

Less Bread, More Beans

Also of note: eating less bread, truly does help. I’ve transitioned to preparing 6 ounces of ground turkey into burgers, cooking them easily on a Forman grill and packing them for lunch. No bun, just maybe black beans on the side. My relationship with beans is also going well this month. I am ashamed to say, I don’t really prepare them fresh, I am still eating canned organic beans. However I am committed , and can say am benefiting from that commitment.



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