How Much Do You Weigh?

Your guess is as good as mine! Well, actually I can guess my weight better than anyone , but that fact is , in addition to not writing for the past four months , I have not been weighing myself.

I haven’t really been pressed to do so either .  I went to the doctor at some point in the fall. She told me per my BMI I’m overweight or close to being ‘over weight’  per usual , but that BMI doesn’t take into account muscle mass .

We have one scale in our home ( we meaning myself and my spouse ) and it’s usual place in the back of a deep, dark closet . I’ve recently moved it out of the  closet , but have not stepped on. If I ever get around to doing so it will be first thing in the morning, when I’m physiologically at my best 🤓! Should I ever get the notion to model in a swimsuit , 5:30 AM is the time to get it done. I am least bloated and the physical work I’ve been doing at the gym, at the yoga studio, etc can be seen .

Bloating is a real thing, it is a natural process  and I’m okay with that. I have to accept the fact that it’s not enough for me just to ‘look good’ or to be a certain number on a scale . I gotta feel good too. How do you feel today?






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