Get Missing


This month I had the wonderful opportunity to go on girls trip , as defined by meeting up with someone in place where neither of us live .

Getting out of the mind of work or family was challenging, but ultimately I was able to spend some quality time exploring , breaking bread ( literally breaking bread), and just ‘being’ with my pal.

It’s important to explore , to get into something new. I don’t care if it’s your personality type, to do the same thing everyday. Even venturing out to a new part of town where you live can be healthy, mind-opening . I’ve always enjoyed history, so when I travel I like to incorporate some of this love in my activities. Do you love music? Hiking ? Writing? Motorcycles? If so be sure to incorporate that thing you love into your trip to make it specifically meaningful to you .

Eat. Eat what you love. Eat what you like. Eat what’s good for you and eat what’s not necessarily good for you while on vacation. Unless you’re training for a marathon or body-building competition that happens after the vacation , try not to be too hard on yourself about what you eat during that time . In general, whether I’m traveling by air or vehicle, stretching is just a no-brainer because my body gets stiff. Walking is also a great way to explore and save money, in addition to burning calories …naturally.

Exist. Exist in a different geographic location and appreciate it. Thank God for it. Take a deep breath in place you find yourself and exhale. Strive to be present ( it’s okay, you’ll get distracted that’s normal) with yourself and the person you went with . This is good mental exercise . Be light .



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