Take What You Need

Since the girls trip , I’ve been doing a little bit of this, a whole lot of that, and then some. I’ve been ‘feeling a way’ about parts of my personal and professional life , with periods of joy mixed in.

I tried a new exercise class subscription program that allowed me to try different types of exercise class during a free trial period. This pass was exactly what I needed, as I have been getting board with just lifting on my own , working out on my own.

There was a studio opened by former professional sports dancer , who created her own methods of exercise ( go ‘head gurl!) that incorporates HIIT, dance, strength, and yoga. During this class there was a little bit of tech issue with the instructors mic, so when she would crank the music, it was hard to hear what she said. Fortunately we made it through 45 minutes of hopping and dropping , and during the  cool down, the pace slowed, and the instructor encouraged us to :

“Take what you need in this moment. If you want to stay here, stay here , then come back.”

This really registered with me, and has been in my head for months now .  Have I been walking on sunshine since then? No, but I believe this woman gave me a tool, without even knowing it, that gives me a chance to save myself from level 7 nuclear mental meltdowns.

Life is tough . Coping is a daily challenge. Take what you need, then get back out there .


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