February: What’s Going Well

Pushing Myself

The first week of February was rough. It followed a week where my workout regimen was cut in half , several busy days of work, and dwindling motivation. I had to give myself several pep talks about going to the gym, about limiting sweets, about going for that walk, and about getting up off the couch .


Pinterest is full of them . Affirmations of all kinds can be found on Pinterest. I’ve tried writing them, placing them in my phone and using them as reminders, saying them aloud. Whatever it takes for it to sink in.

Don’t Think , Just Do

Getting up and going to the gym before I have a chance to think about it or talk myself out of it. There will always be an excuse not to get up and be active , so just knowing that helps.

5Ks & Champagne

No I’m not actually drinking champagne. This is the name of a little group I’m in of friends ( and spouse). We go out in the community, we race, we fun run and post to social media about it #5ksandchampagne. For me, 5ks are a way to jumpstart fitness if I’ve been slacking on the intensity for a while. For the 5k I did this month, my motivation prior to was to work out so I wouldn’t suck . Now my version of ‘suck’ is just that: my version of it. It is the level of performance at which I know I could be doin better , but haven’t prepared to do so. So I psychologically and physically prepare myself to do well, which for me is having a goal to run/jog the entire distance ( no walking ) . Long story short: find some fitness friends and make some goals.


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