My Bra Is Still On

“My bra is still on.” This is my literal and metaphorical response to the questions,  “ Are you in?” , “ Are you coming?”, “ Are you done , you ready to quit?”

For women ( or at least this woman), the point within a 24 hour day in which you remove your bra and sit down, signifies you’re done for the day. Out for the count .

I want to quit often. I find the older I get, the more impatient I tend to be.

I recently watched some children play, and these children were of the smaller variety. So young, that when they would trip and fall, they’d pause ( as if stunned), then look for their parent , scrunch their faces and proceed with crocodile tears and whining. Once reassured by parents they were back on their feet and ready to go.

As an adult, still being ready to go means ‘my bra is still on’. I’m still engaged. I’m still interested. I’m still willing to give whatever a try : an adventure, a relationship , an attempt at keeping a blog. I’m not done yet. My bra is still on.




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